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Sunday, February 20, 2011

jom jalan-jalan cari makan


This entry is about kopitiam, it's already being a trend for now days in KL, you can find it everywhere in KL like growing mushroom, I never been to any kopitiam so far, and last Sunday I went to this place to check what so interesting about kopitiam, from my opinion the menus were quite standard except the decoration is a little bit old fashion with black & white photos stick at the wall, round table with wooden chair,etc...etc. not bad to give a try....but Kluang Station is still my wife favourite kopitiam....

Main Entrance of Killiney Kopitiam

Nice decoration concept

Inside the shop

Ice Barley Lemon , Ice Coffee ,toast bread with pandan butter(this is the nice one...)

Nasi lemak

Mee Kari, taste good

Nasi goreng kampung, the anchovy were too salty...

Place : Giant, Kota Damansara, PJ
Service : Good
Price : Average ( RM30.00 for 4 person )
Overall Ranking: 3/5


Thai Food

This entry is about Thai food, last week end we went to this location and try the thai food menu, there were a lot of thai food menu at this place such as tomyam(the best one), mango salad, beef padprik and other delicious thai food. For thai food lover this place is worth to give a try.
Azeezah Food Court
Thai Classic Shop

Tomyam campur........very tasty

Padprik Daging

Mangso Salad (Kerabu mangga)

Tauhu Bakar

Chocolate ais blended
Place : Thai Classic Shop, Azeezah Food Court, Jalan Sulaiman 1, Ampang, KL, Malaysia
Service : Good (Pay then serve)
Price : Average (RM20.00 for 3 person)
Overall Rating : 4/5


BR Corner

This entry is about the place that I already missed for about 6 years, last visit was year 2002.

What I love about this place is the tasty nasi lemak, so far the best ever in KL. The choice you can get here were nasi lemak with ayam merah, rendang ayam, sotong, ayam goreng and vegetable, other stuff also available here such as mee kari, laksa, mee hoon sup. This place is open during night time. The best think about this nasi lemak is the "sambal" which was really good.

Nasi Lemak Ayam Merah

Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam & Sotong

BR Corner Nasi Lemak 

The location - Jln 2/76C, Desa Pandan, KL

The price
RM5.50 for Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam & Sotong
RM3.80 for Nasi Lemak Ayam Merah
RM3.80 for Nasi Lemak Sotong
RM3.00 for Laksa
Place: BR Corner, Desa Pandan, Jln 2/76 C, KL
Service: Good
Price: Cheap (RM20.00 for 4 person including drinks)
Overall Rating: 4/5



Today is 1st Feb 2009 and who stay in KL celebrate " Hari Wilayah " for Kuala Lumpur, so I just wondering around and decided to have a visit to the Pavilion at Star Hill, everyone was talking about this place since it was the newest shopping mall in town, this place was related where the rich go for shopping....., we just want to try how the food like at this place and we choose one of the shop at the food court
The Pavilion, Star Hill, KL

Rama 9 Thai Food, Pavilion KL 

Mango salad, taste is average

Phat Thai (sticky noodle with prawn thai style), taste is average,quantity quite less...

Mango with sticky rice, the mango is sour which should be sweet like the one I have in Thailand last time.

Rice porridge 

Chicken rice, not recommended

Vege "Popia"...the taste is average

Place : Food Court, The Pavilion, KL
Service: Average
Price : Expensive (Between Rm50.00 to RM100.00 for all the stuff shown above)
Overall Rating: 3/5


Bagan Lalang

This entry is for someone that love to eat sea food, if you enjoy it, may be this place is worth to give a try, you can choose fresh sea food such as fish, squid, crab, prawn, clamp shell, vegetable and some other exotics sea food.

Senandung Malam Sea food

You can choose your menu from the "fresh counter"

Sweet sour crab 

Ikan Siakap Tiga Rasa

Ikan bakar

Fried squid

Place: Bagan Lalang Beach, Sepang ( Not far from KLIA )
Service: Good
Price: Average ( RM 278.00 for 9 person, menu including fish,crab,prawn,squid,clamp shell,vegetable, rice, water).
Overall Rating: 4/5


Celebrity corner


Today, I am manage to have our lunch at this celebrity corner aka "Linda Onn Chicken Rice", after took my kids from theirKumon center, I heard about this celebrity opening her restaurant a few years a go but at that time I was still working oversea, so today I have the chances to try how good the infamous Linda Onn chicken rice. To make our order simple we ask for a pax of 4 chicken rice set which include half roasted chicken, rice, fish ball soup,"tauhu goreng JB", jelly ice cream and a jug of lime iced.

Main entrance of the restaurant

Combo for 4 Pax Menu

Lime Iced

"Tauhu goreng JB", the taste is good.......

1/2 roasted chicken, the soy sauce aka "kicap" is better to be served separately. The chicken was not juicy/too dry from my humble opinion.

Fish ball soup & chili sauce aka "sambal nasi ayam", I like the fresh taste of the fish ball soup but the "sambal" having too strong garlic taste.....

The rice is yummy...nice aroma & taste

The jelly was not well frozen...I guess!!!
Place: My Mom's Chicken Rice(Citarasa Linda Onn), Opposite Ampang Point Shopping Mall, KL
Service: Fair
Price: Expensive ( RM 52.80 - MMCR Set for 4 Pax)
Overall Rating: 3/5


Ikan Bakar Mania

This entry will show you where is the place to get the best ikanbakar in the heart of KL with reasonable price, there were a lot ofikan bakar place in KL such as the place at Jalan Belami, but in term of price this one is much better to consider and have a try. The varieties of the ikan bakar will be kembungpari and terubuk, the ikan bakar normally wrapped with banana leaf and will be grilled at the hot pan and you can have it with the dip sauce or "special air asam", this is the "killer attraction" for this place.
There were also varieties of other dishes to be chosen with a steam rice. This place is opened during weekday only( Mon -Fri) from morning(7.00 am) to afternoon (max up to 3.00 pm).
Pak Samad Ikan Bakar always jam packed with customer during lunch time
A lots of other dishes to be selected during lunch time

Ikan bakar "fans" is line up......

Ikan bakar" master" is in action......
Ikan bakar choice of selection.......
Ikan bakar is out of stock during lunch time.....

Place: No.6, Pak Samad Ikan Bakar, Medan Selera DutaJlnDuta(Opposite LHDN)
Service: Good
Price: Reasonable ( Rm 3.00/pcs for ikan bakar)
Overall Rating: 4/5

Sunday, February 13, 2011

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